Divison of Veterinary Reproduction, Obstetrics And Gynaecology


“To implement and develop capacity and capability of science, technology and arts (IPTEKS) in the field of veterinary reproduction, obstetrics and gynaecology”

Head of Division: Prof. Dr. Drh. Iman Supriatna

Secretary: Dr. Drh. Muhammad Agil, MSc. Agr.

Treasurer: Dr. drh. Yudi. MSi

Head of Artificial Insemination Lab: Prof. Dr. Dra. Iis Arifiantini, MS

Head of Hormone Analysis Lab: Dr. Drh. Muhammad Agil, MSc. Agr.

Head of Embryo Transfer and In-vitro Fertilization Lab: Prof. Drh. Muhamad Agus Setiadi, PhD

Head of Rehabilitation Reproduction Unit: Drh. Amrozi, PhD


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